Peer Review Policy

JMCN follows single-blind peer review process. The author(s) identity is revealed to the reviewers, but reviewers' identity is not revealed to authors. Every article is reviewed by at least two experts.

Reviewers are given one week to accept the review invitation and two weeks to complete the review. The first decision is notified to authors within one month of article submission date.

Publication Frequency

JMCN is published bi-monthly with 6 issues per year. Accepted articles immediately become online.

Open Access Policy

JMCN is freely available under Creative Common License 4.0. Anyone is permitted to use the material published on JMCN for commercial, academic or any other use with the restriction of citing the source.

Publishing fees

JMCN is an open access journal, and only charges a very nominal fee of $50 for accepted articles. The fee is used to cover the copy editing and publication expenses. 


The manuscripts submitted to JMCN are not subject to detailed copy-editing. Upon acceptance, the author must ensure that their manuscript is free from spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Obvious language and spelling errors are corrected during the copy editing.